Exchange Online Mail Monitoring

Set up Exchange Online Mail Monitoring - in just 10 minutes.

screenshot of the flusso365 dashbaord
screenshot of flusso356 app that shows the details page of the outgoing mail flow

How it works

Flusso 365 constantly monitors your mail flow. In other words: if an email couldn't be sent or received, Flusso 365 will automatically send an error message to your Log Analytics Workspace, which might be used to trigger an Alert.

Flow explaining how Flusso365 works

Mail Relay Monitoring

Do you have a Mail Relay in your setup, which you would like to monitor too? We got you covered. Download our Flusso Agent, install it on a machine of your choice and start monitoring this part of your system too!

For more information, see our docs
Flow describing how flusso including a mail relay works

Log Analytics Integration

Use the tools you already know and utilize. We didn't want to reinvent the wheel, so the error messages are sent to your configured Log Analytics Workspace, allowing you to define alert rules and decide how you want to be alerted.

How to set up your Log Analytics Workspace

Microsoft Identity Login

Flusso365 uses the Microsoft Azure AD to log you in, which means: no additional user accounts to manage! By default, every user from the tenant can access Flusso365 unless you want to restrict it to a limited set of users.


Everything included!

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